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English Idioms: under the lucky stars



The author recalls a pronouncement by a teacher in the church-school he attended upon his arrival in Australia, “Australia is God’s favoured country - we are guarded by a cross above our heads!”  He was referring to a constellation in the southern hemisphere - the Southern Cross, which features on Australia’s flag.  The teacher’s statement contained elements of patriotism and religious fervour, as well as superstition.  The author thought it was remarkable.


The author agrees that in many ways, Australia is at least among the luckiest countries in the world – something to be thankful for.


Migrants are like children who enter a good home.  They will naturally love their new home, particularly if there exists an atmosphere of harmony and if they feel welcomed.  Such are not conditions of their love - they are the nourishment of their love.


Will our lucky stars ensure our well-being in the new millennium?  In this book the author explores human attitudes and relations, and probes the source of our happiness.


作者初來澳洲時教會學校的一位老師曾這樣說:「澳洲是上帝特別眷顧的國土:天上有一個十字架拱照住我們呢!」他指的是南半球上空的南方十字星座(Southern Cross), 澳洲國旗上也有著它作為標誌。老師的話,包含了愛國的情緒、宗教的意識及星相學的迷信於一身,作者感覺得很不尋常。







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