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English Idioms: A Cultural Fascination

The Chinese say, “A marriage across thousands of miles can be linked by a tiny thread”.  Isn’t that true with our destiny?  Profound changes in our lives are often the result of very small and seemingly insignificant incidents.  It could just be a chance encounter with a person, or a casual comment from a stranger.


“How would you like to do a bit of broadcasting in your spare time?” this person asked the author. Several years down the track, the author found himself managing a broadcast team in a national network.


These two English Idiom books are a collection of the stories the author presented on air.  Be it to tap the power of the usage of English idioms, or to marvel at life, or at the contrast of attitudes, these bilingual books are of special benefit to students of languages and cultures.  The author has added some of his cartoons too. Hopefully the readers will share a little laugh, or sigh, with him.




“你有興趣做一點播音兼職工作嗎?”這個人問作者。幾年過去後,作者已是在 一個全國廣播網絡裏掌管著一個播音團組了。



English Idioms: A Cultural Fascination

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