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Out of Bounds: Journey of a Migrant

What awaits a migrant on the distant shore?


One of many migrants during the 1960’s, Francis Lee was just a sixteen-year-old student from Hong Kong when he first set foot in Australia. Over the years, he witnessed how Australia shed its fear of the so-called yellow peril and searched for its new identity. The nation began to recognise its responsibility towards Indigenous Australians, began to re-evaluate the status of women and support career equality, and progressively grew in confidence and in world affairs.


This book has recorded the enthusiasm of the Chinese community in embracing Australia’s democratic process, and how this enthusiasm may have veered off the original direction, and been exploited. Here, Francis also shares his firsthand experiences of some hotly debated issues in society: factional in-fighting, fund-raising and the attitude of some people in politics.


Francis invites readers to join him as he relives the joy, the struggle, and the anxiety he experienced as a newcomer, at a time when the new Australia was slowly emerging. It tells of the trials he faced as he lived through those changes – juggling study, romance, family, career, community involvement, and attempts to enter the weird and wonderful world of politics.

(Book 2 is a Chinese version of Book 1 – same author)

Out of Bounds: Journey of a Migrant

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